“Peace I Leave With You…”

Don R. Elly, M.Div.

Reflecting on this passage from the Gospel of John, I found myself repeating over and over (a prayer in itself) these words of Jesus spoken to the disciples before he goes to the cross, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” 

I wish to share a few insights that happened as I used these words as a prayer throughout my day. First and foremost, the peace Jesus shares with us is not a permanent state of being. From the context of Jesus when these words are spoken, it is clear that the peace offered is being offered in a world of marked by conflict, violence and death. Peace here is the presence of God who continues to create and act despite the violence and opposition God may encounter. Jesus is offering a peace that moves with us into this world and makes a difference in us as we trust the giver.

Every time I said these words today I discovered that I brought energy and spirit into situations that appeared hopeless, or even more startling I discovered that the Jesus, who speaks these words is already in the hearts, and lives of the people I am privileged to visit. My walking in, centered by the peaceful presence of Jesus, often enabled me to see Jesus at work in the care of the doctors, nurses and family members.

Secondly, Jesus reminded the disciples and reminds me that this peace does not depend upon the presence of Jesus, but opens me to God’s on-going resource that John describes as an “Advocate.” Our justice system has modeled this and rarely lets someone face the Judge or the prosecutor without support. Peace requires that we continue to be taught and reminded by the counselor that God is with us, peace is available. Because of this we can relax and not let fear invade or control us.

Prayer: Thank you God for this promise. Trusting you, may I discover its truth one day at a time. Amen

May 1, 2016​​​​; Cycle C​​; 6th Sunday of Easter

Acts 16: 9-15 Psalm 67​ Revelation 21:10-22:5​ John 14:23-29​

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