Bearing Witness to the Trinity

Donald R. Elly, M.Div.

Much has been written by the Trinity- God in relationship with us by creation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but for me over the years it has become more simple (not simplistic). 

As a counselor I have learned what I call as Trinitarian truth, that the meaning of life can only be experienced and expressed in triangles. When we gather to talk to one another the conversation develops its energy and strength as we talk about something we have in common- it might be the work, what we are learning or family, but between there is always a triangle, a point of conversation that gives us a mutual point of reference. 

Using this thought as a way to bear witness to the Trinity, the earliest Christians found it impossible in community to just talk about God, alone. God is creator because through words spoken at creation the world came into being and as part of that world, human beings. There is no doctrine of the Trinity in the scriptures because the writers were describing for you and me the lived experience of relationship with God whose presence or fingerprints were clearly evident in the world and in our formation as human beings. 

David Lose put the truth and mystery of the trinity in these words, “ …I think the Trinity was the early church’s way of trying to grapple with a monotheistic belief in one God in light of their actual, lived experience of God’s activity…in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus…after an encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit. One God, but clearly at work in three powerful expressions in our world and our life. It is this under-standing that gives Jesus promise of counselor, the Holy Spirit, to guide us to the truth. Paul insisted and I can bear witness that because of God’s action in Jesus we have peace through a trust in God that grows stronger despite suffering. 

This is for me what it means to bear witness to the Trinity—I am not alone, but rooted in a community of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that gives me hope.

1.David Lose, In the Meantime, Tuesday, May 17, 2016, “Don’t Mention the Trinity!”, pages 1-2 “It is my conviction that the Trinity as a doctrine is dry, rational, but when looked as a triangle in relationship becomes dynamic.”

May 22, 2016​​​; Cycle C​​; Trinity Sunday

Psalm 8​​​; *Romans 5: 1-11​​; **John 16: 7-15​​

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