God is Alive

Donald R. Elly, M. Div.

Often god is an image of our own construction,

It takes the shape of our fears, often giving rise to anger.

Such a god then drains us life, and love, leaving us wishing we were dead, life is experienced as meaningless.  

Then God spoke, created, called and instructed Moses,

Challenged Isaiah, Jeremiah to see beyond the world of doing

to be in relationship.

Jesus embodied humanity’s purpose that called Peter, Andrew,

James and John; and yes, you and me to be God’s instruments of

Forgiveness, peace, justice giving energy to a new but ancient truth

that God’s Spirit breath, love is not dead, but alive.

Life incarnate.  Thanks be to God. 1

*1 First written in 2010. I revised it  to express fully what I experience of God  in 2017.  We do live in unsettled, fearful tmes, yet God is still doing the work of Incarnation. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts open to living out this Good News.    

December 3, 2017; Cycle B; 1st Sunday in Advent Isaiah 11:1-9; Palms 8 &139; Philippians 2:l-11; *Luke 1: 26-39

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